HQ-ST Link — An Internet Polling System for Electronic Cash Registers and POS Stations

Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) and Point-of-Sale (POS) stations have an under-utilized capability: they can present their transaction information digitally, giving transaction details and summaries. This data becomes increasingly important as businesses grow and develop multiple locations. Successful growth depends on coordinating and analyzing business intelligence from stores to understand the big picture of a business.

The LAVA HQ-ST Link adds IP polling capabilities to your stores, and does so more easily and cost-effectively than any other solution. With the highest levels of availability and security, and the simplest installation of any IP-enabling hardware (or IP-enabled ECR or POS station, for that matter), the HQ-ST Link is unique in the market.


LAVA HQ-ST Plus Links IP-enable your serial-port equipped ECRs and POS stations, making remote polling and uploading pricing information a snap. Operation is transparent to both the store hardware and to the polling software.


This is the most secure link on the market. Because no store-side router port mapping is performed, there is no "hole" created in the store's firewall. At the head office, the HQ unit needs just two port mappings, regardless of the number of store units connecting to it. All needs for network skill are centralized: an enormous benefit and cost savings when deploying devices to geographically wide-spread stores.

The LAVA HQ-ST Plus Link also offers enhanced security over conventional serial device servers by permitting only authenticated connections between the store and the head office.


The LAVA HQ-ST Plus Link provides another critical benefit to chain store and restaurant operators: monitoring and management of remote ECRs and POS stations.

The LAVA HQ-ST Link also provides status monitoring that lets you instantly know when a store's ST Plus unit is on-line or off-line. If a store is off line during store hours, if a network connection comes on-line when it shouldn't, if an unauthorized store unit attempts to access the HQ Plus unit, and so on, you'll know!


The LAVA HQ-ST Plus Link scales well to suit the needs of virtually any size business — deployments of over 5000 locations are in operation.


This is where the LAVA HQ-ST Plus Link really shines. It deploys with no need to configure the port mapping parameters of the store-side router. This is not the case with any IP-based ECR or serial device server on the market.

The savings that result from this feature are huge: HQ-ST Plus Links can be deployed with little networking expertise, and installers have no need to know anything about the router or ISP used by the site! One company estimates installation time will be reduced by 2½ hours per store.

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