LAVA manufactures hardware that provides system integrators and end users with simple serial-to-PC and serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. The LAVA product line includes multi-port serial boards, Ethernet-to-serial device servers, IP-links for legacy payment terminals, and IP-taps for data surveillance.

We serve customers around the globe in a wide array of industries, including Point of Sale, Telecommunications, Light Industrial Automation, Payment Processing, Building Automation, Medical, Gaming, and Restaurant & Hospitality. Our connectivity hardware suits any design needing more COM ports or remote monitoring and control of serial equipment over IP (Internet Protocol).


Specialized focus

LAVA designs and manufactures top quality parallel, serial, and Ethernet I/O boards and devices. As a North American manufacturer of serial connectivity products, LAVA engineering, manufacturing, and product testing are all carried out at our Toronto, Canada headquarters.

100% product testing

LAVA uses only the highest quality components and subjects every final product to comprehensive testing before it leaves the factory.

Standards-based design

LAVA I/O products stringently conform to industry standards and protocols, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with other manufacturers' hardware, software, and peripheral devices.

Real-time technical support

LAVA Technical Support is staffed by technical engineers who provide support for Windows, Linux, and QNX operating systems. They can answer questions or troubleshoot installations Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.

Custom solutions

Centralized operations uniquely position LAVA to create custom solutions for specialized users. LAVA can tweak an existing design, or create a new board from the ground up. Our facility is equipped with dual high-speed surface mount technology assembly lines and the latest in wave solder equipment, ensuring high volume and quick production runs. With LAVA, prototyping and product launches are quick and cost-effective.

LAVA Lifetime Warranty

Any LAVA product that fails to perform its intended function, will be repaired or replaced.


  • Serial Device Servers
  • POS–to–IP (Point of Sale & Payments)
  • Serial Cards
  • Parallel Cards
  • Combo, Specialty, & Legacy Cards


LAVA's "Firsts"

LAVA has enjoyed a number of industry
‘"firsts" over the years:

  • 1st PCI interface in a compact form factor.
  • 1st IRQ-selectable multi-function boards.
  • 1st true-color graphics adapter for PCs.
  • 1st 460.8 kbps serial accelerator.
  • 1st PCI-based enhanced parallel port.

"Pays for itself"

"We are so impressed with the LAVA Ether-Serial Link’s versatility we will be introducing it to our dealer network across North America as an alternative to serial-to-serial connectivity for telecommunications equipment.

It easily pays for itself by eliminating special cabling costs. And, as an added bonus, it permits serial data to be accessed from any computer using the Internet."

Randy Mennear,
President & CEO, Genesis Systems Corp.

"Support is superb"

“Hands down, the service available through LAVA Tech Support is superb. Whether you are looking to troubleshoot installations or configure products, straight answers are provided by professionals who actually know what they are talking about! In today's world where 'big companies' make lots of noise in marketing their products but aren't able to even offer mediocre support, it is refreshing to see a company executing as well as LAVA.”

James Bogusz,
President, Reboot Consulting Co.