Business Case Part 3

Savings: no long distance telephone

By using the HQ-ST Link, Quiznos can continue to use their NEC 4000 ECRs, but now that these registers are IP-enabled, Quiznos can dispense with the long distance charges associated with polling by modem.

As with the ongoing costs of maintaining static IP addresses, the ongoing costs of long distance polling, once eliminated, represent substantial savings, estimated in the range of $40-$45 annually per store.

Savings: reduced installation costs

Although not an issue in converting Quiznos's systems from modem polling to an IP-based system, the cost of installing new infrastructure can often be significant. The cost of a new cash register is just one thing. Sending an installer to each store, and having that installer locate or install a router, configure that router by mapping router ports, and establish conductivity with the head office, can cost organizations hundreds of dollars per location.

Worse, sometimes the franchise location is a part of a mall, where Internet service is provided to all mall tenants centrally, and access to the router is simply not available.

Now, an organization can configure an ST Plus at its head office and simply send it to a store, confident it will install smoothly. Reducing installation time and trouble can often pays for the new store hardware immediately, making the payback period is zero.