HQ-ST Link Polling Scenario: Part 1

Quiznos polls all its stores from its corporate office in Denver, Colorado. NEC's RS-Connect software is used to poll Quiznos's Q-POS store devices, slightly modified NEC 4000 ECRs. While this provides essential centralized visibility, it also means a significant investment in polling infrastructure. By eliminating modems from their polling operation wherever Internet connectivity exists, Quiznos has reduced the need for a pool of modems at its corporate office.

Instead, their corporate office is now equipped with LAVA HQ Plus-126 devices, each monitoring up to 100 store locations, allowing room for expansion on each HQ Plus. Their HQ Plus devices are identified by geographical territory, because Quiznos polls at night when their stores are closed, in various time zones.

Quiznos is currently polling more than 95% of their Q-POS stations, pushing 5000 locations right now. They expect 100% of Internet-accessible stores to be using ST Plus devices in the future, and are currently deploying ST Plus devices to stores in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Europe.