Polling Scenario Part 2

Quiznos's Deployment Technique

Quiznos has managed the deployment of ST Plus devices into stores very simply and effectively. Its method takes advantage of the fact that the ST Plus has been designed to allow configuration over an Internet connection. This remote capability, intended to reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to visit stores when updating ST Plus devices, has been used by Quiznos to further simplify installation, reducing installation costs.

Here's how it works: each ST Plus placed in a store is configured with just one piece of data, and the same data in every case—the "call home" IP address of the head office HQ Plus that it will contact. Once connected to the ECR and powered up, the first thing that a store device does is contact its assigned head office device. In Quiznos's case, all ST Plus devices are deployed to stores pre-programmed with precisely the same HQ Plus IP address.

These store units then contact the corporate office. Once they are connected to the corporate office in Denver, they are reconfigured by the corporate office with a new "call home" IP address, that will redirect the store's next connection to the polling server it will use in the future. Other store-specific information is added to the ST Plus at the same time.

The store unit reboots, with its new "call-home" IP address, and now connects to the new HQ-Plus. This is where it will remain connected for polling.

Quiznos still sends installers to stores, but installation is much simpler with no port forwarding required. The simplicity of installing ST Plus devices is "huge from an installer standpoint," according to Brett Dangerfield, Quiznos's IT Manager in charge of HQ-ST Link deployment. He points out that DSL modems, port forwarding methods, bridging methods, and ISPs vary widely, and number in the hundreds throughout the United States. However, as all DSL connections use routers, ST Plus installations are the same everywhere. Since 98% of Quiznos locations are configured using DHCP, that aspect of installation is also easy.