Polling Scenario Part 3

State of the Art

Quiznos also realizes a crucial speed increase in their polling operation when using HQ-ST Links. This increase is speed is despite the fact that the serial data coming from the cash register is the same as it would be with a modem connection.

The fact is that the actual transfer of cash register data is a small fraction of the total time of a poll. While a modem needs to dial, handshake, and establish a connection, a process taking 45 seconds or more, establishing an IP connection with a store takes only moments. For Quiznos, that in itself makes the difference between completing a poll of all stores overnight or not.

Polling over IP also does not depend on a clean phone line — modem connections are susceptible to noise that can cause a poll to fail, sometimes with the permanent loss of cash register data.

Once up and running, the process is simple. Each night Quiznos gathers the polling information using its HQ Plus devices, and dumps that data into a large centralized database, where it can be used.

Quiznos now has a system that is more robust, and as Quiznos's Manager of Store operations and Technology Jane Govier says, Quiznos gets "more data, on a more regular basis."