Chain-Wide Visibility: HQ Basic

Software included with the HQ Plus, called "HQ Basic", gives a window on the polling activity of any given HQ Plus. At a glance, in a single screen, the head office can see all active connections to that headquarters device. In addition, the HQ Basic software provides a configuration interface for changing port and network settings on either the HQ Plus that is attached or the ST Plus devices that are connecting to that HQ Plus.

It is through this interface that Quiznos manages both its deployment of new ST Plus devices, and its polling of stores already on-line.

Reliable Connectivity

Also important for Quiznos is the fact that the system is extremely robust. Things made of brick come to mind.

With a wide-flung geographical deployment, Quiznos wants to avoid troubleshooting visits to stores. Similarly, with so many stores reporting to a central location, head office reliability is also critical. LAVA's engineering and hardware concepts have delivered a system that will not quit.

Store units' firmware was thoroughly field-tested and verified, and the HQ Plus design for Quiznos underwent several versions, taking into account such specific demands as conforming to the security requirements of Quiznos's head office routers, to ensure trouble-free operation.

Moreover, connections are made more reliable by the fact that if power is lost at the store and subsequently restored, the ST Plus device will automatically re-establish its connection with the headquarters.

And, as neither the HQ Plus nor the ST Plus is a computer, the polling link does not rely on the inherently unstable nature of PCs and consumer-level operating systems.