Polling Scenario Part 5


The HQ ST Plus Link provides a highly secure dedicated IP connection, for several reasons.

  1. ST Plus devices located in stores will talk only to their designated HQ Plus. Similarly, HQ Plus devices will talk only to ST Plus devices that have a matching authentication code: ST Plus devices sold to one company will not talk to HQ Plus devices from another and vice versa. Seen from the headquarters perspective, this is a unique one-to-many topology. This aspect of HQ-ST Link's design makes it especially resistant to denial of service attacks.
  2. Once deployed and connected, the store units can be locked down so that further configuration from the store cannot be effected. This gives Quiznos (or users of the LAVA HQ-ST Link. for that matter) a high degree of assurance that store devices will be left in place as they have been configured.
  3. The ST Plus devices use no passwords, and so are free from the danger of "slips" in which a password is exposed or forgotten.
  4. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, because a store unit operates as the client rather than the server, there is no need to open IP ports on a store's router. This closes one large security hole that exists in many other IP-based polling designs.

These security features make the HQ-ST Link an extremely secure polling interface.