Quiznos's polling solution is now complete. Thanks to LAVA's HQ-ST Link, they have a reliable and secure system for polling their chain, and one that saves them very big dollars.

They no longer need three phone lines per store, they can deploy devices quickly and easily, they can secure the information they need for collecting franchise royalties, and they are realizing huge ongoing savings by eliminating costs for static IP addresses or long distance telephne calls to complete polls.

The system also gives them a fast and reliable means of completing a full chain-wide poll of cash registers every night. This gives them timely and accurate information, to an unprecedented degree.

The HQ-ST Link system that Quiznos has deployed is now available in a generic version from LAVA, ready for use in any other company's similar polling setting. LAVA has developed versions of HQ Plus that can handle up to 126, 30, or 8 store connections, making the HQ-ST Link system ideal for retailers of any size.

The big savings and big benefits of ECR polling that Quiznos has seen can now be attained by any organization.