Serial Port Products

Serial port technology has been around long enough to have established uses in many areas, from printers to Point-of-Sale hardware, to industrial machine control, to measurement and metering.

Most serial interfacing occurs between computers equipped with serial ports and some attached serial peripheral, and for a long while computers came with two serial ports built-in. Whether users want more serial port connections than the built-in complement, or whether their system has no serial ports and some are needed, the usual ways of adding serial connectivity are:

  • install a motherboard-based add-in card into an internal PCI, PCIe, or ISA slot
  • attach a network-enabled serial port (using a serial device server) to the LAN on which the computer resides
  • attach a network-enabled serial port to a WAN or the Internet, and access the serial port over TCP-IP
  • attach a USB-based serial port

The links to the left show a range of products for serial interfacing.

All About Serial

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