Simplicity, Configurability, Reliability — How to make invisible adapter cards

Let's start with the obvious: computer users never see expansion ports as ends in themselves. Having an expansion port without a matching peripheral is like having a pot of money on a desert island — it's all just potential. But on the other hand, adding expansion capability is perhaps the best way to ensure a computer's ongoing usefulness. Technology moves fast, and expansion ports can lengthen the useful life of a system considerably.

Let's continue with the slightly less obvious: computer users should hardly think of expansion ports at all. Because expansion ports only exist to let users connect useful devices, users don't want to deal with the ports — they want to use the peripherals. LAVA's boards are most successful when they are installed and never seen again until the system is being cannibalized for parts at the end of its life. At that point, many users simply smile, take the LAVA card out, and install it into their next system.

For these reasons, LAVA makes its ports simple, configurable, and reliable.


Installation is simple, and gets simpler all the time. Whether a board has ISA jumpers or is fully PCI/PCIe plug and play, LAVA has always made its products the simplest on the market to install and put to use. While engineering our boards to be this easy to use is not in itself always easy, that's not your problem — if you buy a LAVA board, at least. Use our expertise: we've been engineering I/O products since 1984. And, if you do run into a complication, LAVA's technical support is a phone call away. We design and build all the boards we sell, so we know what we are taking about.


Configurability is also essential. LAVA boards strictly conform to industry-standard interface specifications and protocols: IEEE 1284 parallel, RS-232 serial, RS-422 serial, USB, PCI, PCIe, ISA, or Ethernet.

Standards-based designs ensure the greatest degree of interoperability with other manufacturers' hardware and software. Moreover, within those parameters, LAVA offers the greatest range of configurability possible — broad ranges of parallel port operating modes, the widest ranges of IRQ settings, the most bus and port options — whatever you need to make the board work in your environment.


Reliability is the remaining key: once a LAVA card is in and operating, you're home free. Two things are good to remember here. First, all LAVA boards are covered by the LAVA Lifetime Warranty. Any LAVA I/O product that fails to perform its intended function may be returned at any time, no questions asked.

Second, each LAVA board is individually and comprehensively tested before it leaves the factory. No sample testing or batch testing here. They don't ship if they don't work. And when they do work, they become invisible. Or to switch the adage around: out of mind is out of sight.

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