Top Six Slippery PCI Serial Port Card Setup Problems: Part 2

This article continues the discussion slippery setup problems identified by Ian, LAVA's troubleshooting guru. These are not the simple "I don't know how to install the card" questions — in every case they are tricky enough that knowing about them can save you a lot of time.

4) No "New Hardware Found" wizard

When the LAVA serial card is installed and the system boots up, the operating system does not detect the LAVA card as new hardware, and so does not launch the "New Hardware Found" driver installation wizard. A couple of reasons for this are possible: the operating system already has drivers installed from a previous installation, or there is a hardware incompatibility. In the first instance, uninstalling drivers fully as described for Problem 2 in the previous article might fix the problem; otherwise contact LAVA Technical Support. Step-by-step uninstall instructions are here, or can be found on the installation CD that came with your LAVA card.

5) Code 10 Error

This error, returned by the operating system, usually indicates a hardware incompatibility issue. In this case, the system will boot, and the card will appear to install correctly, but the ports cannot be accessed. Again, contact LAVA Technical Support.

6) The LAVA card is half detected

This problem is particularly puzzling when it crops up. The LAVA card installs correctly (or appears to install correctly), and yet not all the ports operate. Typically people will then test their cables, look at their port settings, wonder whether the connector is broken, swap peripherals between the working and not working ports, and question their sanity. Rather than pulling out your hair, check with LAVA Technical Support. This might again be a hardware incompatibility between the motherboard and the add-in card. With information on the computer's BIOS, motherboard chipset, and LAVA card version, we can usually tackle this problem successfully.

These problems might occur when:

  • migrating older LAVA hardware to a newer system
  • incorrectly upgrading Windows drivers
  • changing operating systems
  • installing a card into a system that previously had a similar card installed
  • upgrading the BIOS firmware on your motherboard
  • installing hardware from old inventory

One general statement we can make about hardware incompatibilities is that the problems they present are particularly puzzling. When you believe you have done everything right, and things still don't work, sometimes you should just give yourself the benefit of the doubt and look elsewhere.

Hardware incompatibilities of the sort described in these three scenarios (and the last scenario in the previous article) are rare and becoming rarer as hardware manufacturers like LAVA and motherboard manufacturers coordinate better, and as products are revised. The current batch of LAVA serial boards seems to have moved beyond these difficulties altogether.